Friday, 28 December 2012


Hi all,

I want to introduce my self to the blogosphere.

My name in Vanita and I am a quiltaholic!  I love quilting, I can't stop thinking about it, I buy way more fabric that I need, I buy way more thread than I need and I dream about quilting almost all day!

This blog is my way of keeping you up to date with what is going on in my quilting business "Vanita's Quilting Services" and my quilting life in general.  I hope you enjoy my posts and give me some feedback, introduce yourselves, post questions, show and tell.  I have another blog "Quilting Quandry" that you can post your.... er... quandries - and we'll see if collectively, we can help solve it for you, or at the very least empathise.....  I also belong to "Desi Quilters" - a group of (mostly) Indian quilting divas that are a great group of women from all around the globe.

So here's to a long bloggy friendship....

Yours in quilting,